Tronstad Farms Grass Fed Beef is Better

Why grass fed? And why Tronstad Farms? Because it's the way it was supposed to be, it's healthier and it tastes better. Long before cows were mass produced in corn fired feedlots, they were fed grass on pasture. Fortunately, here in Montana, we have more cows than people, so finding a high quality source of grass fed beef, that wasn't pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones, at a reasonable price is entirely within the realm of possibility. In fact, you can know exactly where your beef is coming from...Across the road from our farm! Oh and it's our favorite...we eat it all year long as well! These animals are 100% grass fed and finished, and they are 100% growth hormone and antibiotic free! We carry this beef in our store. We feed it to ourselves and our children. And we put it in the hamburgers at the maze event every fall! Needless to say, we feel pretty good about it!

Why is 100% grass fed so important?

It's important because it's just so tempting to use corn to fatten up the animal - an nature never intended it. That's because a normal 800 - 1000 pound animal can easily get to 1400 pounds in a just a short time on corn before their slaughtered. And because the temptation to get the cows bigger faster is so great...and because consumers don't get a say in how what their beef was fed... the vast majority of beef in the U.S. today is fed corn.  So while the producer get's a lot more money per animal, the consumer get's a lot less flavor and less nutrition and a lot more fat. Yes look at the picture...pound for pound you just get a lot more fat with a corn fattened animal! And look at the table below for the nutritional differences: 

So what's the deal with our bulk beef?

Every year we commit to selling a certain number of animals from Tronstad Farms to our CSA members and the general public.  In 2016 we sold 6 animals in three weeks! This year we're selling 8 animals. 


All beef comes sealed, labeled and in boxes. The mixed quarters/halves include an equal portion of the front and hind quarters so each share is an equal portion of all the cuts. This is the same beef as here in the Farm Store so try before you Buy!


Quarters are sold on a per pound basis based on the “hanging weight” prior to processing. This price is $4.75lb for a quarter, or, if you will buy a half or whole animal, $4.50lb for a half or whole. Prices are based on the hanging weight of the animal and include processing. They general range within about 10% of the amounts listed below which for the average animal is approximately:


Mixed Quarter: $800.00

Mixed Half Beef: $1500.00

Whole Beef: $3000.00


Here are the approximate savings on the quarters, halves and whole animal, for an apples to apples comparison to our already competitive retail prices (example our ground beef is $6.75lb in the store vs. major grocery store recently had $9.00/lb):


Quarter: Save about $175.00 over our retail prices (CSA Members save $200)

Half Beef: Save about $450.00 over our retail prices (CSA Members save $500)

Whole Beef: Save about $900.00 over our retail prices (CSA Members save $1000)


Please keep in mind we have only 8 animals available for our 2017 bulk beef program – We will take commitments until we are out. A batch of animals will be processed every 21 days starting September 1 through November. All animals will be sold on a first to reserve basis. We require $100 deposit to reserve... balance due on delivery.  We will arrange pickups every 3 or so weeks at the Farm Store. 



For additional questions or to reserve go to the farm store on Thursdays through Sundays or call Scott at 406-261-2539 or email