What's the story with our beef?

Why grass fed? First, grass is what cows are supposed to be eating...and as a result the beef is healthier and it tastes better. You are what you eat applies to cows. Think grass = fresh veggies, while corn = junk food.  Long before cows were mass produced in corn-fed, feedlot, meat factories, they ate grass on pasture. Fortunately, here in Montana, we have more cows and acres than people. So for those of us that know better, we can get high quality grass fed beef, not pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones, at reasonable prices. And in the case of our beef, we know exactly where our beef comes from...Across the street from our Farm! Mike makes sure his Angus cows are 100% grass fed and finished without any growth hormones or antibiotics! He keeps his herd relatively docile, so it's the tenderest grass-fed beef we've ever had. We carry this beef in our store. We feed it to ourselves, our friends and our children. And we use it in the hamburgers at the Maze event every fall! Needless to say, we're pretty proud of it! Every time we make this available we have repeat customers. 

Why 100% grass-fed beef is actually better.

It's important because it's just so tempting to use corn to fatten up the animal - but nature never intended it. That's because a normal 800 - 1000 pound animal can easily get to 1400 pounds in a just a short time on corn before slaughter. And because the temptation to get the cows bigger faster is so great...and because consumers don't get a say in how what their beef was fed...it's estimated at 90% of beef in the U.S. today is fed corn (Most certified organic beef is fed corn as well!)  So while the producer get's a lot more money per animal, the consumer get's a lot less flavor, less nutrition and a lot more fat. Yes look at the picture...on the left is the grass fed, on the right is the corn fed...so, pound for pound, you just get a lot more fat with a corn fattened animal! Not to mention loss of flavor and nutritional value. Finally, most beef you buy at the store is processed in huge plants after the feedlots...exposed to so much more food-borne illness.  Look at all the nutritional differences in the table: 

Here's what customers are saying:



"I just wanted to let you and your wife know that I made burgers for dinner and my kids loved the meat! I’ve purchased lots of beef/cows over the years and have had lots of different flavors and textures. We loved this beef and it was the best we've ever had! Thank you both so much!"

- Rachel Handley


"The beef is awesomely tender and tasty!!!" - Tracy Stoick


"We LOVE the beef!  Truly the best beef we've ever had!  I hope we can eat it all before next year so we can buy another one! - Aimee Carlson


The beef is great!  Tender and tasty.  We are enjoying it. - Janet Nielsen

So what's the deal with our bulk beef? The Facts:

Every year we commit to selling a certain number of animals to the general public.  In 2017 we sold 8 animals. In 2018 we sold 12 animals. In 2019 all the calves were sold in the spring except for what we kept for the food truck and our family. In 2020 we're going to sell up to 10 animals based on spring pre-orders because of what is going on with the meatpacking industry. Any we get pre-orders for will be raised, the rest will be sold as calves. 


All beef comes double wrapped in plastic and wax paper, labeled and in boxes with your name on the packages. The mixed quarters/halves include an equal portion of the front and hind quarters so each share is an equal portion of all the cuts. Look at the table on the right to see what the cuts will be and the approximate breakdown.


Quarters are sold on a per pound basis based on the “hanging weight." This price is all inclusive, and is $5.00lb. Prices are based on the hanging weight of the animal and include processing. They general range within about 10% of the amounts listed below which for the average animal is approximately:


Mixed Quarter: $800.00 plus or minus 10% and runs around 120lbs of packaged beef (half a full size freezer)

Mixed Half Beef: $1600.00 plus or minus 10% and runs around 240lbs of packaged beef (1 full size freezer)

Whole Beef: $3200.00 plus or minus 10% and runs around 480lbs of packaged beef (2 full size freezers)


Here are the approximate savings on the quarters, halves and whole animal, for an apples to apples comparison to  retail prices (example, all our finished/packaged beef runs about $6.50lb (for all the cuts). In the store vs. major grocery store recently had $9.00/lb just for the ground beef!)


Therefor we estimate that: 

Quarter: Save about $175.00 - $400.00 over retail prices 

Half Beef: Save about $350.00 - $800.00 over our retail prices 

Whole Beef: Save about $700.00 - $1600.00 over our retail prices


Please keep in mind we have only 10 animals available for our 2020 beef program – We will take commitments until we are out. All animals will be processed in November and December. All animals will be sold on a first to reserve basis. We require $150 deposit to reserve each quarter... balance due on delivery.  We will arrange pickups of every batch at the Farmstore. 


Keep in mind there is probably cheaper local bulk beef. However, they are probably finished on corn to get much larger (and therefor cheaper per pound). Also we can attest that these animals are all only 1 year old, Angus beef, from the same heard and with the same feed as all those who've bought before you.


For additional questions or to reserve: Email or call Scott at 406-261-2539 or email scott@whitefishstage.farm.