Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)                     Now Accepting 2018 Members

The CSA at Whitefish Stage Organic Farms

Our community supported agricultural membership program is a partnership between our farm and our community. CSA members pay an upfront fee in the Winter/Spring to reserve their share of that season's harvest.  The membership fees help us buy supplies for the upcoming season such as seeds, soil amendments, and materials. Then we hire employees and work hard all season long on behalf of the members to supply them with their weekly shares of fresh produce. Because we are able to "plant" accordingly, we become more efficient and that savings can be passed on to our members!


Our CSA members will enjoy 21 weeks of fresh, local, certified organic fruits and vegetables. Once the shares are harvested, members can then pick up their shares at the farm store Thursday or Friday 12–6 pm, We’ll grow over 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables including everyone’s favorites, as well as delicious new varieties. We’ll include tasty new recipes with the share every week! What's more, we truly treat our members as partners in our farm. That means members get an additional 20% off all fruit and vegetables that are for sale in the Farm Store should they want to buy more, free tickets to the Flathead Maze every fall, and discounts on other items as well. In 2017 we offered members first option and additional discounts on our quarters and halves of 100% all natural grass fed beef. In 2018 we are planning all this and more which you can read in further detail in CSA FAQ's! 


What's the deal in 2018?

Whitefish Stage Organic Farms' 2018 CSA will consist of many of the vegetables that you came to love in last year’s shares, with a few exciting new additions. Shares are priced at a little over $26 a week (the same price as last year).

*Note: Shares are limited. New members will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. 

Sorry - CSA Shares no longer available

Single 2018 CSA Share

21 Weeks of high quality vegetables and fruit. Shares can be picked up at the farm store every week on Thursday or Friday from 11am to 6pm. Included in the shares are 20% off all fresh produce sold in the store, free tickets to the fall activities and additional discounts on local beef & pork. Finally, come visit the fields whenever you want and see how we do it...just let us know in advance of your visit.  


  • Limited Availability

CSA Commonly Asked Questions


How much food is it? Shares typically feed a family of 2 - 3 people for 1 week for the standard American diet. We recommend vegetarian families get a double share and a single share is usually sufficient for an individual adult vegetarian.


What's in the share each week? It varies based on what's in season, but we try to include things that grow all season and are staples (such as different lettuces, carrots, potatoes) in each week's share. 


What if I want something that's not in the share? Generally we have a full selection of our produce in the Farm Store during CSA pickup days. Should a member want more of what came in that week's share, or something that did not come in that week's share, CSA members purchases will be discounted 20%.


What if I'm out of town? Because we plant based on the number of members we had going into a season, we cannot not harvest or refund for missed weeks. We recommend you have a friend or family member come pick up your share any week that you miss. 


How much money will I save? We target a savings of 20% over retail, in-store, prices with bumper crops of things like potatoes and winter squash push that savings higher. Another way of looking at is the average US family spends about $1400 a year on fresh produce. The CSA general covers all a family's produce requirements for 6 months.


Why not just buy the vegetables in the farm store? There's a lot more to becoming a member of the farm than just getting a good deal on certified organic vegetables. Besides, we wouldn't be doing this without our CSA members. Knowing how much food to grow is essential. As a result we truly treat our members as partners in our farm.


I can't afford the full $550 up front are there payment options? For folks who want to join and can't afford the full amount up front, we will set up automated credit or debit card 21-week payment plans for $27.00/week. We also able to accept EBT and WIC as payments for CSA shares. Contact us directly to take advantage of these options.


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