Share Worker Crew- Will Work For Food

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING FOR 2017 Worker Share Crew. Worker shares work on the farm each week with us for a single five hour shift on either Monday’s or Wednesday’s in exchange for a full share CSA to be picked up on Thursday or Friday of each week. Shifts are available Monday or Wednesday from 9am-3pm (with lunch break) and run through the end of October. It is a fun way to get involved with food production, to connect with the land and to get to know your farmers. We do not have experience or age restrictions but you must be able to carry about 30-50 lbs, to stand, bend, kneel, walk comfortably on uneven ground in cold, hot, wet and windy weather, and to be willing to commit to work until the end of the season.  For more information simply email and tell us a little about yourself and if you’d prefer either Monday or Wednesday or if you could work either day.